Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball Game...

Well, I will keep this somewhat brief because it is late. It is the April 8th and it is game 2 into the Major League Baseball season and I am hooked. I watched tonight's Met's Game. I was very into it. I cheered. I clapped. I screamed! Ugh! Those damn Mets. They Won!

I am so excited. I always miss Baseball season during the winter. I am not into Football as much as others. The NBA is just not what it used to be. College Basketball does hold me down a little bit. I just love Baseball.

It was the only sport that I could play as a kid. No one could tell me I was too small to play it. The only sport that I could play out in the street that involved just about every kid in the neighborhood. For me, it was about bring different kids together just to play one game, which by the way we never really finished a game.

Watching baseball was one of the few thing that connected me with mi abuelito (grandfather). He lived in Brooklyn way before I was a thought and was a huge Dodger Fan. Once they moved to Los Angeles, he did not have a team. The New York Mets were born in 1962 and he was hooked. I got my passion for baseball from him and watching him yell at the radio as he listen to them play.

So when people ask me why I am a Met fan who lives in the Bronx, well now you know. I used to go to games in Queens. I lived in the part of the Bronx that was by the water (Clason Point). I can see the lights of Shea Stadium. I think about Citifield now and I wish that mi abuelito (God rest his soul) could see how much it looks like Ebbets Field.

So, baseball season is finally here. So let the shit talking commence. The summer rivalries will continue. But, win or lose, this will be a GREAT SUMMER!

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